A Change of Perspective

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I have always been an all-or-nothing dieter. Either I’m all in, or I throw in the towel and binge.

Any diet that would restrict me, was very quickly thrown out the window, no matter how much I thought I’d be able to do it.

After focusing on my water for a week, I have decided to go ahead and add a new healthy habit.

This habit is:

Following a Meal Plan

Originally I had planned it down the road quite a bit. Like after I got rid of soda, cut back on sweets and treats, and maybe even tracking my food on MFP.

I have come across a wonderful couple that in a few short years has a built a thriving company/community with meal plans and proteins powders that is based all around macros.

You answer a few questions about yourself, select your goals, and then they tell you what bracket you will be in in terms of total calories and meals.

This past year, as each new season started, I have managed to buy every single meal plan (you know, if I throw more money at it it’ll fix it, and something will stick.) I stuck to each meal plan partially. I had favorites for breakfasts and snacks, made my way through all (or almost all) the dinners. And I really enjoy their program, their layout.

I had yet to actually purchase a protein powder because I have a huge stash of powder, but I have friends that have and they loved them.

My conclusion: it’s a very doable mix-n-match meal plan, that I can customize to my likes, dislikes and needs. The dinners are great because they’re very family friendly and we all like to eat them.

This is where I’m starting with meal plan.

I’m focusing on my favorite meals right now, and making sure I’m eating things I like. (When I start eating things that don’t really appeal to me, I tend to loose motivation.

Here’s how I’m approaching it different this time:

I’m Not Restricting Myself

Right now I’m focusing on healthy meals. And, if I want a cookie or some ice cream I’m going to have it.

If we want to go out to eat, I’m going to do it.

I need to break my all-or-nothing habit and realize that I don’t have to be on it 100%. If I eventually have some weight removal… great! If I don’t, that’s okay too. Right now, I’m focusing on healthy habits.