Days 1-7

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I think all-in-all, week one went good.

I came across a few things that I need to plan better for. But, going into week 2, I think I’ve got a pretty solid plan.

Day 1 – April 5, 2021

Last night I found 75 Hard, and this morning when I woke up, I was determined to just start.

Over the course of the morning I came up with a plan.

I started looking for more You-Tube videos about 75 Hard, but quickly realized that the less information I had, the better.

Sometimes I suffer from paralysis by analysis, and I know way too much to stick to anything. Also, I started watching some Q&A video and people were asking about diet and macros, etc. I knew that I would start comparing my diet to whoever was on the other side of that question, and think that mine wasn’t good enough.

I’m gong for something basic and doable, not something good overly complicated that I can’t stick to because I put to many “rules” on myself.

(If you want to look at my plan, go here: Day 1)

I found ways to get in my workout today, and made a plan with my older to go walking with him after is online classes were done.

As we walked I told him about my plan. I’m still not sure if I want to share my plan with anyone, because I’m afraid I’ll fail. I’m afraid I won’t stick to it, that I won’t finish. But, I needed to talk to someone, and I knew he would be encouraging.

On the flip side, I have people close to me that if I shared it with them, they would scoff or tell me I’m never going to make it. I’m keeping this to myself, it’s just for me.

I also thought of a few meals for breakfast and lunch and made a plan for dinner for the month.

Of course progress pic didn’t come until I was heading to bed, but I got it done.

Day 2 – April 6, 2021

By day 2, drinking a gallon of water came easy. Of course I still have my soda addiction, but I’m not ready to confront that yet. (Baby Steps!)

The workouts are tiring and I’m learning that I need to get them in earlier in the day, so I don’t have to try to do it later.

I also put in my grocery order at walmart and got that picked up while my two oldest boys were at piano.

Day 3 – April 7, 2021

By day 3 I was going strong.

The eating was in check and I knew that my mind shift had changed.

I also took a “rest” day from my weight workout. I’m trying not to completely destroy my body, or over work it, so instead of the weights I did another walk.

My 2 year old and I walked to the park that’s in our neighborhood to meet some friends. I did fudge it a little bit, as I took a 45 minute walk on the way there. Hung out with my friends for an hour, and took the long way home (another 45 minutes).

I know the workouts are supposed to be separated more than that, but I could already feel my body tiring and being worn out, so I took it easy for the rest of the day.

I did however decide to get up early on the next day so I could get in my weight lifting right off the bat.

Because I was so worn out, I was more than happy to go to bed on time and fell asleep quickly.

Day 4 – April 8, 2021

I got up early at 5:30 and got my butt in motion. My biggest struggle at this point is filling the time when my weight DVD isn’t a full 45 mins. Some of them are only 25 minutes so stretching and doing yoga for the rest is sometimes hard to do.

Water is easy-least now. By now I’m drinking over gallon requirement. If I’m thirsty, I just drink. And tally marks on my chart is perfect.

Day 5 – April 9, 2021

We hit day 5 and I’m ready for the weekend. Haha!

In my workout DVD it’s a rest day, so once again I did a double walk. The boys had school off, so we went to the zoo in the morning. We spent almost an hour and a half walking around the zoo and did almost 2 miles. I thought it was a good idea for my 2 year old to walk and see the animals and get all her energy out, but she wore out after awhile and then I had to start carrying her. (I counted zoo time as my first workout.)

My second walk took place in the evening after dinner with the family. We walked down to the get-n-go and back. They got candy, I got a soda for the next day.

I’m still feeling that my body is a little tired, so I just made pancakes for the family and drank a protein shake.

Day 6 – April 10, 2021

I have yet to get up early. I always have the best intentions, but it hasn’t happened again. Though I know that’s the best way to make sure I get both workouts in early, the fact that I’m so draggy, just means I need to be getting better/more sleep.

My weight workout was only 20 minutes so I added a few more weight moves at the end, then went for a walk for about 15 minutes to complete the full 45 minutes.

I did have to take a small nap today. One of those 15 minute power naps are my favorite. That’s all I can sleep during the day anyways, and it was just enough to rejuvenate.

In the after noon, I took the family over to Eagle Island State Park and we hiked around the little pond/lake there. It was almost 2 miles, windy, but was great family time. My 2 year old tuckered out some, so we had to carry here on our shoulders.

It was a lovely time with my family.

Day 7 – April 11, 2021

Sunday has always been a rest day. I mean complete workout rest day. I know the importance of having rest days, and since it’s also the Sabbath and the day of rest, I’ve used it as a rest day for my body to rejuvenate my spirit.

That being said, Sunday was a little different for me this time. I wanted to do two walks: one in the morning before I needed to be getting ready for church and another after church, but it was only 35 degrees outside, and windy in the morning, so there was no way we were getting out then with the little on in the stroller.

So after church I needed to take some papers to someone in the neighborhood, so me and my oldest went walking around the neighborhood for my 45 minutes and dropped off those papers. It was bitter cold and windy, and I knew that by 7 o’clock, it would be too cold to go out with the little one in the stroller.

Needless to say I only got in one workout. But, I’m not going to count it a miss. I still firmly believe in rest days and know that they’re an important part of a workout program. I also went to bed early last night and woke up ready to start today.

Because I took a little extra rest, I haven’t been so draggy today (day 8). I think it was the right thing to do, and I’m not going to count it against me.

What I Learned This Week

Overall, I feel like I did great! But there are a few things I learned this week.

1 – I need to get up early and get my weights in first! That way I always get it in.

2 – I need to not see one guess my meal plan, I will stick to my low-carb and just keep pushing forward.

3 – I need to have a more focused reading time. I realized after my first week in, I wasn’t getting much out of my PD book. I seem to be just reading since my mind seems to wander so much. So I’m going to start over and have some dedicated reading time in which I can focus more on the words on the page. (I need it to be quiet to do that.)

I was listening to a book yesterday about self-mastery and self-control and how to develop these habits. I have a few thoughts about that that I want to implement, but that’ll be another post or another time.

I’m going to put this week week behind me and move on to week 2. More progress and more things to learn.

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