Days 15-20

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Well, it’s been quite a week! I’ve had my fair share of struggles this week, but I think I’m in a good spot and ready to keep chugging along.

Day 15 – April 19, 2021

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I tend to quit, but I think having my friend around to check-in with daily definitely helps.

It’s Monday again, and I’m ready for another solid week. Today I got up early and got in my workout. It’s not my favorite, but I definitely get my first workout, weights out of the way.

Day 16 – April 20, 2021

I got up early once again and really enjoyed getting my workout in right away.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to bed at a decent time, so I know this isn’t going to last. I don’t have much self-control when I’m half-asleep.

April 21, 2021

We’ve had this stomach bug going through our house and about every 2 days, someone else falls victim to it.

Well, today was mine turn. Do you know how much I hate puking???

Ugh! Lucky for my my husband was around to take the boys to school, and it’s a pretty short stomach bug.

We end up puking for only about 6 hours, but the rest of the day you feel awful.

As the day wore on, I was trying to figure out how I was going to get it in. A nice shower helped in the middle of the day, but I replaced my workouts with a nap.

I was also drinking mainly soda and felt water on my stomach would not feel great!

After consulting my accountability partner, and trying to figure out my best course of action, we decided that today wasn’t going to count towards my 75.

I would neither count it, nor hold it against me. (Which means I wouldn’t be starting over.)

I would simply not count it, and tomorrow would be my day 17, assuming I’m feeling okay.

Day 17 – April 22, 2021

I woke up this morning optimistic, and realize that my mind set is already changing.

In the past I would have considered yesterday as a “fail” and probably thrown in the towel.

(I wasn’t perfect, and I messed up.)

Today I’m taking it a little easy because I’m still not a hundred percent.

I was very cautious with what I ate, but I’m definitely back to my low-carb eating.

I also chose to do a nice slow walk and some yoga, as I didn’t feel like I was up for much.

I treated myself to 2 sodas and realized I was tired of soda. I think I was ready to give up soda!

Day 18 – April 23, 2021

Yay! I think I’m back to 100% and I have a few fantastic milestones today, or non-scale victories.

1 – When I put on my workout pants, ones that usually tend to be a little tight, I could tell, they were less tight! Yay! Plus, the jeans I put on, slid on a little easier.

2 – Today was my first day of no soda, and I didn’t even feel deprived! I think I’m finally ready to say goodbye to my daily soda.

Today I also decided to go out for a walk/run. I realized I only had 2 weeks left in my program. That’s pretty exciting and motivating!

I’m was tired of walking through our neighborhood, so I headed across the street and ran/walked through the neighborhood that’s across from us.

Day 19 – April 24, 2021

Jillonnie and I spent a lot of time on Marco Polo discussing things. We were talking about struggles and ways to make it easier.

We also committed to getting up early so we cold get our first workout in. She said 6:00 AM, but I said 5:30 AM. I hope this helps me get up early.

I do like doing my workout during naptime though. But, it’s so nice sitting down in the evening knowing I don’t have to do a late-night yoga session.

It also started raining this morning, so I had to wait for a break to get outside, or do it in the rain. Titus, Amelia, and I went out, but we almost got poured on anyways, the sky was so dark and wee seemed to be being chased by the storm.

Day 20 – April 25, 2021


Sunday has ALWAYS been my day of rest, and I wasn’t really sure how I was going to keep that going with this challenge.

However, I got up early, yes at 5:30 AM, and got in my first weight workout.

So much for a day of rest. I still don’t know how I feel about this, but I guess it is what it is.

Since Bryce started puking yesterday, we also decided to stay home from church so we weren’t sharing our sickness with anyone else.

My small victories today were: 1 – getting up at 5:30 AM and 2 – hitting 100 pages in my Book of Mormon.

I’m very glad I have my friend with whom I can check in with regularly and who encourages me to keep pushing forward.

What I Learned This Week

I need to give myself a little grace so when things aren’t perfect, I still make it work.

I also realized that I”m 100% committed, and even though it might make me lose sleep, I will still get in both workouts.

Slow-and-steady wins the race!

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