Slow and Steady: End of Week 3

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Slow and steady- How I’m slowly changing my lifestyle to healthier habits- the

Just checking at the end of this week. It seems that some habits are easier to get going than others.

I’m finding that my scripture reading is hard to make a priority. I just forget to do it.

After reading part of The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg I’ve realized that I don’t have cue that’s will help me to remember to read my scriptures. I need to determine that cue.

Will it be getting up in the morning? Or will it be a time or a certain time of day? Or will I set an alarm?

Because just leaving it to chance, is not getting it done! I need a plan.

Now that we’ve entered August, I feel like I’m on a count down now. It’s almost time for school to start. Who knows what school is really going to look like right now, but the fact that the kids will be starting school shortly means I need to use all the remaining time I can.

So let’s look at the schedule: We’re going to start some tennis lessons first thing in the morning. Then we’ll come home, get a snack, and sit down and have scriptures.

The other thing I want to do is tweak is that scriptures is for the family. We need to get in the habit of doing scriptures together. I think it could be a keystone habit.

I think setting down these two habits the last few weeks of summer break would be great.

Meal Plan

My meal plan has been quite a fiasco this week. During the day I stuck with the plan, tweaked a few things to my liking, and moved on.

As for dinner, we ended up eating off-plan 4 times this week. But, I’m not going to stress over it. That’s the point right?

So here is what my monthly menu board looked like from the beginning

Slow and steady- How I’m slowly changing my lifestyle to healthier habits- the

And this is what it ended up with this week

Slow and steady- How I’m slowly changing my lifestyle to healthier habits- the

I feel good, positive, about sticking it to it. I would like to note that it was my son’s birthday and we had a party one of those days. Not a bad reason to stick the home-cooked food.


I’ve hit the end of my water challenge, or the 21-day new water habit.

Thoughts: I don’t feel like it’s a habit yet. In fact, when I went to donate plasma yesterday, it didn’t go well. I didn’t have enough hydration.

I know I haven’t been getting in the 6 bottles I had been trying to get in this week. I feel like 4 is easy, but 6 has to be very focused on.

Slow and steady- How I’m slowly changing my lifestyle to healthier habits- the

Because my chart is all finished, I think I’m going to tweak it to make it work this next 21 days.

The new plan has to do with my soda intake. It needs to go down. So the plan for the next 21 days:

  • Drink 3 bottles of water.
  • On days I donate plasma, usually Tuesday and Friday, I will “allow” myself a soda afterwards.
  • On the other days, I will sip on a drink called Fi-Burn throughout the day.
  • After the soda (if it’s a soda), I will then drink another 3 bottles of water.
  • If it’s not a soda day, I will drink another 3 bottles of water.

This will still be a water/soda habit. I’m trying to adjust what I consume for hydration.

The other thing I need to note is that if I’m going to donate plasma twice a week, I need to make sure I get in my water. It makes the whole process go faster and allows me to actually donate.

I think that’s all I’m doing to check in right now. I feel a change starting to take place, a focus. On top of this I’m going to add exercise like I spoke about yesterday. I’m going to start by walking to and from tennis every morning. That will be for two weeks. Then after that, I’ll add/change it.

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