Fresh Start

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A year and a half ago, I came home from Thanksgiving from my inlaws and decided I needed to recommit to me, to losing some weight and getting healthy.

I came up with some new handle, and today I had to go and make sure I remembered it was correctly.

It was one of the MANY times in the last 13+ years that I was going to start eating better and get skinny.

But this time was different, right???

Like each 8,732 times before, it was of course going to be different.

I was going to be more committed, more focused, more consistent, and to prove that…. I was creating a new instagram handle.

I shake my head at myself now, because I realize that after lasting maybe 3 weeks, I quickly fell “off the wagon” and ended up right where I started.

I probably have “recommitted” to myself a dozen times since then (am I on 8,744 times now?) and fell of more quickly with each passing time.

In my last few blog posts, I told about the new challenge: 75 Hard. About my friend, Jillonnie, that joined me a week into me starting. And also about how things were going well. (Or was that my “dead air” and lack of blog posts.)

Well, I still have that friend. And things have evolved to a different place, but I’m ready to let you know, that although I’ve “fallen off the wagon” and completely blown my diet several times in the last three months (hello… binging on ice cream while sitting outside my son’s Bujikan practice) I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am still down about 10 pounds!

That’s progress… extreme progress.

Jillonnie and I Marco Polo on a regular basis, like multiple times daily.

She boosts me up, talks me “down from the ledge”, and helps me get back on track. Plus, we celebrate small non-scale victories with each other.

Fresh Start

Well, it’s June 1st now, and even though I feel like I’m taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, I’m still moving forward. And I love that I have her to help me refocus.

So on Sunday night, after a week or two of not eating on plan, I sat down with my planner and wrote out goals for June.

I’m re-focusing, I’m re-committing.

And then I sent her this long Marco about my goals.

Now it’s June 1st.

I’ve gone grocery shopping.

I wrote my plan down in my planner.

And I feel like it’s “almost” New Year’s again.

Big goals, new focusing, new dreams.

Besides, who says you have to start fresh on January 1st with New Year’s resolution?

Starting on June 1st or the first day back to school for kids in the fall, or the day after your birthday, are all good starting places. As well as some random April 15th. (My grandfather stopped drinking on tax day, and he was a major alcoholic.)

The sun is shining, it’s frickin’ hot outside, and it’s a great time of year to start “fresh”.

And, what better time of year to add more fruits and veggies into your diet than when they’re fresh and in season???

Today, is a new day.

And my focus this summer is: progress, not perfection.

There’s going to be bumps in the road and vacations and life.

And if I keep taking two steps forward and one step back, I’ll be golden!

So here’s to a new period in my life. And to a new focus and commitment.

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