Just Start

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I’ve been sitting around, “planning” to start a blog about my journey. Every time I go to weigh in, the thought crosses my mind: I need to get that started.

During this time of uncertainty in our country, there is no better time to sit down, make some goals, and form some healthy habits. So I’m sitting down, and today, we just start.

The Beginning

No, I’m not going to start at the very beginning, that’s is a whole blog post in itself. But I will preface this with, I’ve been trying to lose the same 20 lbs for over a decade now. 4 pregnancies and a more than a dozen years later, I’m now sitting heavier than I’ve ever been.

Before my last pregnancy, my sweet baby girl is now 18 months, I had finally decided to stop restricting because it was causing more damage than good. And I spent all of November and December eating anything, and everything, that I wanted.

Thus, I started that pregnancy, 20 lbs heavier than I had ever been. (Yes, I gained 20 lbs in those two months.)


I went through that pregnancy and only gained 20 lbs. It seemed my body was compensating for that pre-pregnancy weight gain, but now, 18 months later, I’m still sitting at my post-pregnancy weight: 180 lbs. 2019, I started the year off right, following a meal plan and sticking to it.

After losing 10 lbs in January, I literally sat at 170 lbs for the rest of the year. Then, somewhere along the lines I gained those 10 lbs back. Which means I started 2020 back at 180 lbs.


My mom and step dad have been very successful on Keto. But once again, it’s another restriction diet. So I’ve been a little weary with doing it. But I’ve read so many good things about it, and about the healthy benefits of it, I decided I was going to give it a go.

I texted a couple of my friends to see if they knew anyone that was a Keto Nutritionist that I could work with I was desperate enough, I was willing to pay for it.

My sweet friend at church told me if we went to NutriShop, I could do a weekly weigh in, get a meal plan, and a body analysis each week. So that following Monday, she took me down there.

My First Body Analysis

After dropping off our little ones at coop, we headed to Nutrishop. It was January 27, 2020. I wiped my feet, imputed my phone number, and grabbed the handles. This thing was so cool. It scanned my body to see exactly where I was starting.

  • 179.3 lbs
  • 41% body fat
  • 73.41 lbs of body fat
  • 105.89 lbs of Lean Body Mass
  • 58.86 lbs of skeletal muscle

Where I Am Now

I’ve been doing Keto now for 6 weeks. I’ve been pretty consistent. And I feel a lot betters.

I’ve made some small steps, but nothing huge like all theses Keto Experts promised. But, I feel my foundation is pretty solid and slow weight loss is probably better weight loss.

Now, I haven’t weighed in for 2 weeks. Honestly, I have problems with weekend, so weighing in on Monday is always hard. I guess that just needs to be one of my goals.

Weekly Goals

Each week I’m going to focus on two goals. Some small habit that I need to change. What I’ve learned about goals is that I can’t just take one away, I need to put something there in to replace it. (It kinda creates a void.)

So each week I will say what unhealthy habit I’m taking away and what healthy habit I’m replacing it with. (This week I’m changing two, and replacing it with one, I think you’ see why.)

Goal 1:

I will stop drinking soda everyday.

Goal 2:

I will stop picking at food throughout the day.

Goal 3:

I will drink 100 oz of water daily. I will use water to hydrate my body (instead of soda) and to reach for it instead of food. The two days I’ve been doing this, I can already feel the difference. I’m more thirsty. I’m enjoying my cold water. And I feel better not “needing” a soda.

Well, that’s where I’m going to “just start” today. I’ll check in next week and let me know how I did.