Just Start

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Yesterday, as I laid in bed, completely miserable, I realized, once again, I needed to do something drastic. Something that would kick start me down my path.

I had over eaten at Easter dinner. Food that I really hadn’t been eating, and eaten a lot of it. My fingers were swollen, I was feeling bloated, and I was miserable from the amount of food I had consumed.

I turned to Instagram to find some motivation. (Because that’s the only place to get it… right???)

I went to the Discover page and started to scroll through and found someone post a workout selfie.

She was talking about some challenge and the 5 aspects of the challenge. Then she said there was no cheating or halfway doing the program. If you missed doing the 5 steps for the day, you started over.

The point of the challenge was to build mental fortitude, mental toughness… grit! You would do things you had to do, no matter what, even if you didn’t want to.

On top of the mental aspect of the challenge, it also takes on a physical aspect also.

I then wandered over the guy’s website and signed up for the email that explained the challenge in more detail. It’s very basic, no strings attached type thing. Nothing to buy.

He then pointed us in a few directions to get a little more information.

By this point I was wired, feeling crappy from eating, and know I needed to get some sleep. (Hey, I still have a 2 year old that likes to wake me up in the morning.)

And of course I slept awful. My mind was going over this challenge over and over again as I slept. And I tossed and turned the entire night.

And by morning, I had decided I was going to do. I decided I was going to start today.

No hum-hawing around, just go for it… and not look back.

Just Start!

What’s the challenge, you might ask???

Oh, that would be good for me to tell you: 75 Hard.

75 days of not mess-ups, no cheats, and no short-cuts.

5 tasks that will transfer your mind and your body, and if used properly, your spirit.

  1. Drink 1 gallon of water a day.
  2. Pick a diet and stick to it. Doesn’t matter how you decide to eat, you just have to stick to it 100%.
  3. Do 2 45 minute workouts daily, one being outside. (And they have to be separated, not back-to-back.)
  4. Do 10 pages of personal development reading.
  5. Take a daily personal progress pic.

If you missed one of these steps, you start over.

No picture? Start over

Only did 43 minutes of one workout? Start over

Didn’t get your reading in? Start over!

This would take focus, perseverance, and time management. And if you stick to it all, a whole new attitude and determination of what you can accomplish.

What Drew Me In

I like to watch all those life-story, feel-good movies, because I’ve always like when the character realizes what they can do.

That perseverance and focus can lead to great things!

The feeling they get when they accomplish their goals.

I’ve always wanted that to be me. I wanted to know that if I kept trying, I could accomplish anything.

My biggest problem???

I’d quit before I’d get anywhere. I never picked myself back up with greater sense of purpose when I fell.

I always just quit.

Thus, never getting anywhere.

My all-or-nothing mentality was a thorn in my spine. And sometime a knife in my back.

When I fell off the wagon it was always a nose dive.

But I knew, that if I could accomplish this, I could do anything. I could get that feeling of accomplishment that you see in the movies.

It would be my jump start to self motivation and self control.

I know I will still have problems with that, but it should help build the foundation.

Plus it’ll jump start new eating habits.

Just Start

So, I started. No planning, just moving ahead. I knew that if I bummed and hawed about it, I wouldn’t ever start.

The evil demons in my head would convince me I couldn’t do it. So, I just started.

I moving ahead, taking one day at a time.

I know some days will be easier than others.

But I know that I can do it.

And I’m working hard to convince myself that I will.

Here’s to a new life ahead!