Slow and Steady: Fresh Start

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Slow and steady: Fresh Start

I think everyone needs a fresh start sometimes.

I’m sure that’s my excuse for not checking in or falling my meal plan or doing what I “should” be doing.

But, I need a fresh start.

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on healthy habits when life is “normal”. When you’re not doing a lot of extra stuff. Or when you have your routine and you tend to stick to it.

Right now, there seems to be no routine.

It’s the end of summer, during a pandemic, and it’s hot. The kids have now been home for 6 months, and there’s no end in sight as for that.

Mostly, I want to hunker down inside and wait for it all to pass. But, life goes on. We still have chores and grocery shopping. Responsibilities and grandparents to go visit.

“One of these days” I’m going to figure this all out. But now that school is (some-what) starting next week, things will have schedules and routines and I can also find the time for creating my healthy habits.

That said, I have been adoption a few new ones.

Waking Up Early

This is not my favorite thing. I used to be an early riser.

But as I had babies that kept me up half the night (sometimes quite literally), when morning time came, it was not my favorite. Let’s sleep as long as I can.

So I’ve been dragging myself out of bed and whenever my little one has been getting up, and most of the time I was wishing I had more time to sleep.

Dragging myself out of bed.

I have many times recently tried to get up earlier. But 5 or 5:30 came and went, I would turn off my alarm (sometimes in my sleep) and roll back over.

I even have a friend that wanted to walk this summer at 7, but that even seemed too early.

Well, about a week and a half ago, something finally clicked inside of me.

Because I’ve started a job, I’ve been using my nap times and evenings doing work. Which means less time for my to get my workout in. (And less time for a lot of other things.)

I knew that if I wanted to get a workout in, I needed to pick a time that would not get interrupted.

So I decide 5:30 AM was that time.

The idea is that I would get up and get my workout and scriptures done. Out of the way. I could then shower and get dressed and be ready for the day.

Because that’s what I decided I was going to do, I’m doing it.

I also know the minute I let myself fall back to sleep and not get up, I probably won’t get up the next day.

Slow and steady: Fresh Start

I Joined ANOTHER Challenge

Surprise, surprise!

Over and over again I join and never finish.

I really need to look at my mental block on this, but I have yet to really spend much time on it.

My local Nutrishop is hosting a SLIM-possible 9-week Challenge. They do a body scan and you check-in every other week.

Of course they want you to buy their supplements, which I do sometimes. (I’m sucker! One day I’ll talk about how much money I’ve thrown to “weight loss products”)

But when you join the challenge ($30 entry fee), you get a shaker bottle, meal plan, calorie and macro break down, and weekly coaching.

You get points for fat loss and muscle gain. So it’s not weight loss, it’s a body composition challenge.

Part of the prizes aren’t very exciting, hotel stay or gift card to Dutch Bros, but the cash would be nice.

Start date was August 24th, and end date is October 24. Hopefully I stick to this one.

Big Goals

While we were at my in-laws, I wrote down my goals.

I decided I wanted to reach my ultimate goal of weighing 125 lbs on my birthday of next year. I thought that was pretty realistic.

But as I started breaking it down, it seems a little tight.

I’m not going to go into all of it now, but this is how I laid it out.

I know that as I get closer to my goal, it’s going to become harder to lose weight. My body might resist or I don’t want to drop my calories too low. So I’m doing a tiered approach.

The first 13 weeks, until the end of November, I will remove 2 pounds a week.

The next 13 weeks, March 1, I will remove 1.5 pounds per week.

The last 11+ weeks, May 19, I will remove 1 pound per week.

As I broke it down, I came to two realizations:

1- If I’m going to make my birthday goal, I HAVE TO start now. Otherwise it’s not reasonable.

2- It’s going to take commitment and focus. And hopefully that’s something I have. I can’t dink around. I can’t be wishy-washy. I have to stick to it and push.

These kinda scare me, because, let’s face it, I don’t have a very good track record.

But I’m hoping that between these three things I’m focusing on right now, it’ll help me reach my goals.

That’s it for today. I’ll pop back in a little later this week.

Since I joined a challenge with weekly weigh-ins and set big goals, I’m going to start having a “Weigh-in Wednesday” blog post to check-in and show you how I’m doing.

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