Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 1

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2 days in a row that the sun is out and the sky is blue. I am so grateful for that! This time of year it’s usually grey and cold. It’s still cold, but when the sun is shining, I get my vitamin D and it definitely puts me in a better mood. 

Well, I’m one week down. And I do have to say, I’m glad with the progress I’ve made. I did pretty good sticking to my meal plan. Made a few adjustments during the week. Made some not so *great* decisions. But all-in-all, it’s good.

My only problem with this weigh in: when I went to weigh in, my body didn’t have enough water, and my number show it. I talked a little about this in my The Challenge post.

I know that if I get below about 78 lbs of water, my numbers are all wonky. And even though I had already drank 1/3 of a gallon of water today by the time I weighed in, it still wasn’t enough to get my body in the right zone. *shrug*

I’m going to use this as a learning process, and make sure I really hydrate myself the day before and also the morning of.

I guess it doesn’t really surprise me, as I thirstily gulped down the end of the water bottle I had with me, I realized my lips were dry and I was still thirsty. I should’ve known. 

Week 1 Stats

Starting Stats

  • Starting weight: 181.9 lbs
  • Starting Body fat: 40.8% = 74.1 lbs
  • Starting lean body mass: 107.8 lbs
  • Staring Skeletal muscle mass: 60 lbs
  • Starting Dry Lean Mass: 28.9 lbs
  • Total body water: 78.9 lbs 

Current Stats

  • End of Week 1 weight: 177.3 lbs (-4.6 lbs, though if my total body water was higher, it wouldn’t have been so much)
  • End of Week 1 body fat: 41.2% = 73 lbs (+0.4% = -1.1 lbs, I’ll take that!)
  • End of Week 1 lean body mass: 104.3 lbs (-3.5 lbs, this is where you see my lack of water effects my body)
  • End of Week 1 skeletal muscle mass: 58 lbs (-2 lbs…ugh!)
  • End of Week 1 dry lean mass: 28 lbs (-0.9 lbs)
  • End of Week 1 Total body water: 76.3 lbs (3.6 lbs) 

I do need to make sure I brace myself, if I get my water back up next week, that might also mean that my weight may go back up. 

Meal Plan 

I stuck to my meal plan, mostly, but I have a bad habit of popping things in my mouth. Bread, cheerios, candies, granola bars, whatever I’m cooking. It’s a habit that I need to break.

This is something I want to work on, but since I don’t want to do too many things at once, for fear of feeling like a failure and because I’m trying to change so many things, I’m just going to start recognizing it when it happens. Hopefully that’ll help me to become a more conscious eater.

(Oh, and I ate a small piece of pizza last night just because it was there in front of me when I was putting away the pizza. *roll eyes*) 

Have you heard of Clean Simple Eats??? (I talk about my new plan in this post.)

I’m following the Clean Simple Eats Winter meal plan. You calculate how many calories you should be eating, then it sets you up with how many meals and/or snacks you should have through out the day.

My goal is to keep it around 1600 calories/day. With their plan, I can have around 3 meals and 2 snacks daily. Each meal/snack is balanced with a 40/30/30 approach and I love it because I eat all my favorite foods and my macros are balanced in the process.

Plus, my kids and hubby really enjoy the dinners too. So I can stay on track and only have to make one meal that everyone will enjoy. I always eat a shake in the middle of the afternoon, and I feel that helps with my sweet tooth.

The dinners this week were really good, I just need to make sure that I’m paying attention to what’s on the menu, so that when it’s time for dinner I don’t need to thaw the food as well as cook it… plan ahead!  


My workouts are coming on very slowly. I still feel like my body isn’t back to 100% after I had COVID the beginning of December, but I’m slowly adding in mileage.

My goal last week was to get in 3-4 miles of walking. And this week I’ve doubled that to 8-9 miles. I

‘m also only aiming for 80% of what’s on my schedule only because I’ve always been an all or nothing dieter, and I’m trying to create the mindset that I don’t have to be perfect, I just need to keep going and not quit. 

Yesterday I did 2 miles total of walking. That might not seem like a lot, but I couldn’t have done that last week. So that is an awesome non-scale victory. 

This week I hit 3.25 miles. Goal was at least 80% of my 4 mile plan.

Next week I’m going start my run/walk training plan over, and hopefully I’ll be up to the task.

One of my other goals, pertaining to fitness, is I’m running or walking 25 miles a week. I know that base mileage is good when it comes to walking. And though I know it’ll be a good year before I can run the whole 25 miles, I’m trying to build up to that between my run/walk program and my walking on other days. 

Week 2 goals:

  1. I am removing at least 2 lbs of body fat weekly by following the Clean Simple Eats meal plan and running/walking daily.
  2. I’m drinking no more than 1 can of soda daily.
  3. I am following my run/walk schedule at least 80% of the time.

I’m super excited to see what this next week brings.