Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 2

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I’ve had my ups and down this week. It kindda reflects in my numbers. It also is effecting my motivation, energy, and consistency.

I’m feeling I’m kindda in a rut and I need to make some serious lifestyle changes, starting with my nutrition. I’m just so tired of being worn out, having no energy, and not sleeping well.

Weekly Stats

  • Starting weight: 181.9 lbs
  • Starting Body fat: 40.8% = 74.1 lbs
  • Starting lean body mass: 107.8 lbs
  • End of Week 1 weight: 177.3 lbs
  • End of Week 1 body fat: 41.2% = 73 lbs
  • End of Week 1 lean body mass: 104.3 lbs 
  • End of Week 2 weight: 179.5 lbs (+2.2 lbs)
  • End of Week 2 body fat: 41.1% = 73.9 lbs (+0.1% = +0.9 lbs)
  • End of Week 2 lean body mass: 105.6 lbs (+1.3 lbs) 
  • Total Weight change: -2.4 lbs
  • Total Body fat change: +0.3% = -0.2 lbs
  • Total lean body mass change: -2.2 lbs

 I decided to stop tracking all those other numbers, and just track these basic ones. The numbers don’t look great. But I’m not going to let it side-track. I’m going to adjust my eating a little bit and get back on track.

I need to flip my energy level on it’s head