Clean Eating: 50 Clean Eating Snack Ideas

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So often I get the question: What are some great clean eating snack ideas? And because of this, I decided to put a whole post just listing some great snack ideas. So, let’s just cut to the chase!

  1. Veggies with hummus
  2. Apple with peanut butter
  3. Hard-boiled eggs
  4. Almonds and an apple
  5. Greek yogurt with berries
  6. Clean granola
  7. Clean trail mix
  8. Banana and nut butter
  9. Avocado on clean toast
  10. Smoothies
  11. Cottage cheese with fruit
  12. Cottage cheese with tomatoes and avocado
  13. Nuts and raisins
  14. Hummus and whole grain pita
  15. Roasted seeds with fruit
  16. Cherry tomatoes
  17. Celery and peanut butter
  18. Roasted chickpeas
  19. String cheese
  20. Carrots with avocado dip
  21. Dried fruit chips, no sugar added
  22. String cheese and grapes
  23. Fruit with skinny nutella
  24. Air-popped corn
  25. Rolled Turkey Breast (Boar’s Head deli meat has no nitrates or preservatives)
  26. Pineapple spears
  27. Skinny Berry Parfait
  28. Veggies with Clean Ranch Dip
  29. Homemade, fresh fruit popsicles
  30. Cheese and clean crackers
  31. Sweet potato hummus and clean crackers
  32. Garden salad
  33. Pumpkin Seeds
  34. Berries
  35. Steamed Edamame with sea salt
  36. sweet and spicy pecans
  37. steel-cut oatmeal
  38. peanut butter yogurt dip w/ fresh fruit
  39. Banana blueberry bars
  40. Peanut butter honey oat bars
  41. Sweet Potato fries
  42. Quinoa
  43. Kale Chips
  44. Baked onion Rings
  45. Watermelon
  46. Romaine lettuce wraps
  47. Sliced tomatoes and feta
  48. Peanuts and pears
  49. Dark Chocolate
  50. Clean English muffin and nut butter

There’s all 50. Now, go enjoy some snacks!