Ashley has a lifelong passion for dance, movement, and music. At the age of 2, she started dancing and never quit. Later she moved on to gymnastics and cheerleading, excited to see what types of things she could accomplish with the strength of her body. As a UNLV cheerleader, she became addicted to running, the gym, and dance.

After getting married, and having her first child, she lost track of her own needs, and focused on her family. Between each child, she struggled with her extra baby fat and trying to remove it. After the third, and last child, she realizes that it’s high-time she learned to take care of herself, again, and be an example to her family.

As a stay-at-home-mom, Ashley is the example her kids need to live a healthy life and she realizes it’s her responsibility to provide that. Still working on herself, she realizes she needs to have a balance of family, friends, spiritual growth, physical commitment, and mental training. Though it’s hard for her to sometimes get everything right, she feels that she’s definitely on the path to finding her path.

As Ashley has learned to take care of herself, again, out of the comfort of her own home, she realizes that there’s other mom’s that are out there needing the same thing. She has developed a system that combines nutrition, at-home workouts, accountability and motivation, and family focus, in which she can help other mom’s help themselves and their families learn what being healthy is and how to take care of themselves.

Ashley understand that as a mother you wear many hats and that sometimes we throw our health on the back burner as we take care of everyone else, so her focus is to help other moms learn to balance their life and home as she is learning to. She has figured out the best way to connect with other mom’s and to help them with their own health and fitness challenges, is by connecting with them over social media, and hosting only groups. This allows other moms to connect and workout when it’s convenient for them, but also have the ability get help when they need it.

When not hosting an online health and fitness groups, working on her own fitness, you can find Ashley being a wife and mother to 3 boys, doing crafts for her home and others, or attending church and working with the youth.