Baby Moccasins

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Let’s face it: this baby girl is spoiled! She’s not even 1 and I’ve made her a million things.

In all fairness, I had three boys and this lady. It’s a nice change.

My favorite are definitely dresses. However, today, we are not doing a dress. We are doing these cute baby moccasins.

Aren’t those just adorable??? Well, Shwin and Shwin have a wonderful tutorial and a free pattern for these cute baby moccasins.

As I started making my own, I made a few adjustments to it, only because of the materials I used.

I found a roll of 8” x 24” leather at Hobby Lobby. It also happened to be on sale when I was looking, so it only cost me $2.50. I also picked up a $1 fat quarter and a couple of squares of felt.

I downloaded the pattern and started cutting out my pieces.

I quickly realized I wasn’t going to need the felt. She used it as an insert between leather outside and fabric inside to help stiffen it up. My leather was stiff enough to not need the felt.

So, I followed the instructions but omitted the felt.

The next thing I changed were the ties. The ties are what drew me to these moccasins. I mean, they’re super cute!!!

But, my leather is too thick to really tie. Plus, it’s white on the back of it, so it wouldn’t look good all tied up. So I used some silver ribbon instead.

Now look how these turned out:

So-so cute.

Okay, here’s my take on this:

  • The instructions were really easy to follow. Shwin and Shwin did a great job explaining the steps.
  • I was Kindda surprised I didn’t have to change my needle. My regular sewing needle did great.
  • I used a 3.0 mm stitch length on the regular sewing and a 4.0 mm on the top stitch. (2.2 mm is standard for sewing.) I thought a longer stitch would be better for this thick fabric.
  • I do wish that the pattern came in other sizes, because they don’t stay little for very long. 😢

All-in-all, these are dang cute! I might have to make some other colors. The price is very right…

Thanks again for Shwin & Shwin for putting this tutorial together.