Beginner Skill Builder Quilt Intro

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I’m super excited to be starting this series with you. I’ve been wanting to do a beginner quilting series, but I’ve started it several times and then stopped. I never liked the way I planned to do it.

Then, when my mom came to visit, she said she has a couple ladies that she knows that want to learn to quilt and that I needed to get my YouTube channel going to get them started.

So after thinking about it from this perspective, from a brand new quilters perspective, I’ve finally decided how I want to do it.

The Plan

Each month this year I’m going to teach you how to build a different block. Week 1 and 2 will be basic quilt techniques, week 3 will be tips and tricks for quilting, and week 4 is going to be putting the pieces to create a quilt block.

Each block will be 12 1/2″ square.

Right now I have 9 block designs. I might add a few more before we’re done, but right now you’ll end up with a sampler quilt with a 3 x 3 block quilt design

By the time you’re done you will know the basics of quilting and will be able to read almost any pattern and sew quilt tops together.


1- Fabric

You’ll need two types of fabric. A pattern/colored fabric and a background fabric. I’m using Marbella line with lots of different colors and a White background. I don’t know exactly how much you will need of each. But I would start off with a yard of background and a yard of your pattern. If you want to use several colors, just get a couple of fat quarters.

2- Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter

A cutting mat that is at least as long as your fabric would be nice, but you can make do with a smaller one. And make sure your blade is nice and sharp!

3- Thread

If I’m using a white background, I always use white thread. Before you start, go ahead and wind several bobbins, it’s a lot better than having to stop a rewind bobbin every time you run out.

4- Cutting Rulers

A smaller square is always nice, as well as a long rectangle.

5- Other

Other things that would be nice to have: pins, seam ripper, and small thread scissors

I think that’s it. Go gather your supplies and we’ll get started next Tuesday.