Crib Redo

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If you look back on my design board, the original plan was to build a crib. Yes, I build things. Marvelous things!!! And to date have built three beds. But, since I’m spending a good chunk of this summer, like all of June, on an RV trip with my family, I decided it wasn’t very reasonable.

So…. right after I announced we were having another child on Facebook, a friend of mine from Texarkana, TX asked me if I wanted my crib back.

I had seen it at their house last summer, and it just tugged at my heart strings. We had given it to them just before we moved from there and it had my seconds teeth-marks still on it.

Since I would be travelling to southern Nevada for spring break with the boys, I decided to take a little longer way home, and go through Utah. They are now in the Layton area, and I thought we’d stop to say hi, spend the night, pick up my crib, and then come home.

It was a most fun time with them. She was one of those friends that you could not see or hardly talk to for years, but when you get back together it’s almost as if you’d never missed a day apart.

It’s too bad our kids hardly remembered each other. I remembered my little Titus and her daughter Abbie, when they were 2 and 3, they’d say hi to each other when they’d come walking into church, so everyone could hear. Too cute!

But kids grow up and they forget long lost friends, but it was so fun to see them… and pick up my crib.

When I got it home, I was trying to decide exactly what to do with it. First I put it together to see if it was still pretty sturdy or if it was wobbly. The crib was really sturdy and the only thing that showed age was the springs the mattresses laid on.

So then I had to decide for the outside. Did I want to leave it the honey color? Or paint it something new and fun for this little lady I’m carrying???

I decided to give it a face lift.

First I scoured the internet to figure out how best to refinish a crib. I had a few things in mind: I didn’t want it to affect the structure and, knowing babies, I didn’t want any toxic chemicals used in the paint that the baby could chew off.

I came across 3 steps that seemed pretty consistent. Each step was a little time consuming, but 3 steps seemed simple enough.

1. Sand the Crib

First thing I had to do was sand the crib so that the finish was off. My understanding is that the paint wouldn’t stick well to it if it hasn’t been sanded. So I took the crib apart as much as I possibly could. And started with 80 grit sand.

The 80 grit was quick work, but getting in every crevice was quite annoying. So I spent a day or two sanding the crib, between summer activities.

2. Paint the Crib

When it comes to paint, there are all kinds of different options and styles. Chalk paint, furniture paint, spray paint…. just to name a few. I went with good old, white, furniture paint.

Following the instructions, I painted each piece 3 times, waiting for each proper drying time the manufacturer suggested.

I used a nice big foam roller. It was perfect to get in between the slats and to the wide outside boards.

The final dry try that was recommend was a week, so I did one last coat of paint, before we headed off to a family reunion at the Oregon coast.

3. Finish the Crib

Finishing the crib was something nobody could agree on. Do you let it be, and not put a finish on it? Do you finish it with an oil-based or a water-based finish??? It seemed so confusing. But here’s what I decided. I knew we wanted a finish because I knew it was possible that she would chew on it.

I used a water-based finish because I used a water-based paint. That seemed to be what people agreed on.

I then let it sit for the recommended amount of time again, several days, before I brought it up stairs.

Now that the crib is together it feels a little more real. I’m super excited to have this little lady join our family.

Final Notes

The only thing I’d wished I’d done is put another coat of paint. It’s not exactly real white, you can see the honey bleed through a little bit. But oh, well, I like it!

Supplies I used to Complete This Project

  • Crib
  • 80 grit sand paper
  • Valspar furniture paint, tinted to Swiss mocha
  • Fast drying Polyurethane, Satin
  • Foam roller
  • Paint tray
  • Tools to take crib apart

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