Dallas Cowboy Letter Tutorial

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My sister huge Dallas Cowboys fan. She lives in Albuquerque and went to Dallas last year just so she could see them play. I don’t think she misses watching a single game and she has to… I mean HAS TO wear something with their logo on it on game day. She also believes that each additional article of clothing with their logo on it will bring them more luck.

Did I mention she was a fan??? A very loyal one at that. She has loved them since they won the Super Bowl, several times, (and years before that) back in the 90’s and every year they have sucked since then. And every year, she’s convinced they’re going to make it back to the Super Bowl, but every year they don’t and every year I laugh at her for it. 😉

When my husband and I went on our 10 year anniversary trip last September, we asked her to fly here and watch our boys. She is very much a doting aunt and loves my boys like as if they were her own. So she was a good choice. We didn’t pay here, but I had made her something special to say “thank you” for when she showed up.

I had come across these three images on Pinterest, knew she would love each and everyone of them, but couldn’t decide which one to make her.

So she ended up with this:

Now, 6 months later, she sent me a pin on Pinterest and asked me to make it to go with the other one. So, I gladly said yes, and she got a new letter ‘D’ for her birthday.

I started off with a very simple letter ‘D’ that I found at Hobby Lobby.

There’s my cute munchkin helping.

Next you want to paint the letter the lighter color. Because it was for “Aunt Yaya” T wanted to help out with the painting (which I, of course, went back over, only because I’m a little OCD).

At this point, I took over. I used painters tape and put a nice line across the letter and painted half of the letter with blue.

Let it dry, then pull the tape off.

Because I wanted it to look like the board that I had made earlier, I used silver glitter stickers for the Dallas Cowboys, then used a template to make the stars (which was actually rather difficult).

And so you now have a finished product.

The plan was to put a Dallas Cowboy ribbon on it to hang it, but as I do not live in Cowboy country, there wasn’t one at my local store. Now, what letter are you going to go make?