Days 8-14

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On day 2, I had posted on Instagram about how my #75Hard was going, and then never followed up again.

Well, late day 7, my friend texted me and said she needed a little workout motivation and wanted to know what 75 Hard was.

So I broke it down for her, sent her to the website and she jumped in the very next day, saying this was exactly what she was looking for!

What’s interesting about this, is I had almost texted that same friend on my day 1 and asked her if she’s would need my accountability partner. But, I was afraid I wouldn’t succeed, so I didn’t want to show someone else I was a failure.

Anyways, she made a plan, and got started. Since then, we’ve been checking in everyday with each other. Giving each other advice and ideas.

On day 11 we were going to be doing yard work for a lady at church that needed extra help. I asked her if she would consider that an “outdoor workout”.

We’ve also discussed eating plans, and gave each other encouragement.

When we weren’t feeling motivated, or low-in-energy, we offered suggestions on how to allow our body to “rest” but also get in the workouts. (Maybe an extra, slow walk after dinner or yoga workout, instead of strenuous weight training.)

It has been so helpful to have another person on the other end of the line to keep me motivated.

Where I Could Improve

You know last week, how I said that I was going to get up early to get in a workout???

Well… that hasn’t happened. I got up twice this week, and the rest I slept in.

There’s also been a few times where I’ve had to do a yoga workout at 9 or 10 o’clock at night, because I never “got around” to doing my weights.

And reading my scriptures has become a late night, right before I got to bed, completely exhausted, type of habit.

Yeah, that needs to change.

I’m also not very consistent with my workouts. I always get outside for a walk, but I don’t always get a run in every other day.

And sometimes I choose to do my weights, and sometimes late night yoga.

Depending on how well I stayed focus throughout the day.

Small Victories

On the flip side, I’m making a few other progress.

I had a meeting on Sunday afternoon, and when offered a warm chocolate muffin/cupcake, I very graciously and politely turned it down.

My friend knew I switching up my meal plan, so she was totally supportive and was more than happy to have mine. (Lol!)

I have never done that before. I have always felt the need to pleased others for one. And, well, it’s sweets! I have a slight addiction to sweets. Especially something chocolate-y and warm. And, having had one of these said muffins before, I know it was delicious!

But, I turned it down.

When I hit day 10, I did a happy dance. Already 10 days in?!?! Holy cow, I couldn’t believe I had made it that far.

And I can’t believe how committed I was.

I have always thought sleep was more important than most things. But I’ve realized this past week that I have always used that as an excuse for why I couldn’t do a 45 minute workout or read my scriptures.

But I’m putting my challenge first, and I’ve realized that I was just using it as an excuse for not doing what I was supposed to.

I can feel my commitment to the challenge growing stronger.

My resolve, my determination, my focus… growing stronger.

I’m determined to finish this. There’s no way I want to start over at this point.

I have more confidence that I CAN finish it if I stay focused.

Of course I’d like to use my time more wisely, and preplan my days a little better, but, I’m getting through it, and that’s nice.

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