Mental Training

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I went to open my Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book and start reading, when I realized I didn’t have to read it front to back. I could skip to a specific chapter and get the information I wanted.

I decided to start with the “Training Your Mind” chapter. After thoroughly reading through it, and setting it aside to set my goals, I then pulled out my original e-book and read through that chapter on mental training.

After reading through this chapter several times, I realized this needs to be my focus. I liked the section about visualization and the improvement in the activity just by visualizing it.

I like how we can re-train our brains to reach our goals.

Here’s the thing I was thinking about as I read it: in the past, I didn’t focus much on mental training. I set goals, but honestly, I never thought I could achieve them. I had such a bad sweets addiction and I always did a restrict and binge cycle that any attempt to actually focus on goal, really meant in my mind that I wasn’t really going to reach it. I also had so much negative self-talk, that it would just override all the positive I was trying to put in there.

That said, mentally I’m in a much better place. And maybe I could have gotten there with mental training focus, but I didn’t do that.

I finally found a way of eating that gets rid of my binging on sweets, I don’t think about food all the time, and I’m (mostly) sticking to it.

These are all huge accomplishments!

I know what I need to do for exercise and eating, and that’s going to be part of this challenge, but for the beginning of this challenge, I’m going to focus on my mental training, at least for the first 2-3 weeks. Then I’ll work on my nutrition and fitness programs and decide if I need to tweak them.

Honestly, only focusing on one is all I can do.

Small steps!

So first up is going through the mental training chapter and go through each one and decide how to apply it.


I know what I want to look like, I’m a little skeptical that I can make it. That said, I’m going to think that it’s possible.

Ultimate goal:

  • I wear a size 4.
  • I weigh 125 lbs with 20% body fat.
  • I eat in a consistent way that give me energy and focus.

A realistic end date would be the end of the year, but I’m not going to put a date on it. I’ll just work on my 90 day goals, and reset once I hit the m. (Maybe I’ll learn that my body doesn’t want to let go of fat as fast as I would like. *shrug*)

90-day goal:

  • On, or before, April 1, 2021, I have removed 24 lbs of body fat and weigh 156 lbs.
  • I stuck with the Winter challenge and did my best.
  • I incorporated a eating and fitness lifestyle into my life that I can do for the rest of my life.

4-week goal:

  • I am spending 4 weeks following the Clean Simple Eats meal plan.
  • I am loving what I eat and I’m sticking to it 95% of the time.

Daily Affirmations:

  • I have pushed forward and finished the winter challenge.
  • Every workout and every meal count.
  • If I simply do what I know I must do today, then I know I will reach my goal.
  • I’m grateful and proud of how good I look today.
  • I am happy and proud with what my body can do.
  •  I am living a healthy lifestyle that will allow me to remove at least 2 lbs of at per week.
  • I am out walking or running every day except Sunday.
  • I am focused and consistent on my goal. I know it will take sacrifice and commitment and I know I can do it.
  • I am focused and committed.
  • I am fueling my body with healthy carbs, proteins and fats, following the Clean Simple Eats Meal Plan.
  • I am drinking 1 gallon of water daily.
  • I go to bed at 10 pm daily and fall asleep quickly so I can get enough sleep.
  • I am eating 1600 calories per day, focusing on 40/30/30 macros.
  • I am loving the food I eat and the healthy habits I’m creating.
  • I love the way I feel when I eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  • I am 100% responsible for my results
  • I am doing whatever it takes to reach my goal.
  • I like eating healthy food.
  • I love working out and running.
  • I am unstoppable.

Daily Habits:

“To reach your weekly, three-month, twelve-month, and long-term goals, you must develop positive everyday habits.”

I was thinking about the everyday, baby steps I need to take in order to reach my goals. Steps that I need to do to make a healthy lifestyle habit. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Daily exercise, including outside walks with family, weights, and cardio
  • Preplanned meals
  • 12,000 steps per day
  • Wear my Fitbit daily
  • Get 7–8 hours of sleep at night
  • Daily review of goals, affirmations, and visualizations
  • 29 floors per day (Mt. Everest challenge)

Last night I wrote down a possible schedule. The only problem with it is that I was planning on getting up early to get my workout in, however, when most mornings roll around, I have no desire to get out of bed early. I guess that’s another part of my day that I need to add. When I was getting up early consistently and doing miracle morning, which included my workout, I really enjoyed it. But I’ve created a habit of morning laziness, and I’m just not motivated to do it right now.