New Meal Plan

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I have always been an all-or-nothing dieter. Either I’m all in, or I throw in the towel and binge.

Any diet that would restrict me, was very quickly thrown out the window, no matter how much I thought I’d be able to do it.

A friend of mine introduced me to Clean Simple Eats about two years ago. At the time I had just had my youngest, and though I wanted to lose my weight, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to get into, or pay for, another program.

Eventually, I caved, and bought ANOTHER PROGRAM. Because this one should work, right???

You answer a few questions about yourself on an app, select your goals, and then they tell you what bracket you will be in in terms of total calories and meals.

This past year, as each new season started, I have managed to buy every single meal plan (you know, if I throw more money at it it’ll fix it, and something will stick.) I stuck to each meal plan…partially. I had favorites for breakfasts and snacks, made my way through all (or almost all) the dinners. And I really enjoy their program, their layout.

As a whole, I’m convinced that any way you eat, if you are consistent, you will see results. I like the seasonal meal plans, they’re all things I would make or eat regularly, they’re just, healthier and macro balanced.

Last week I met up with another friend, and decided that we’ll work together to follow the meal plan.

Because my friend’s family doesn’t like to eat certain things, and my family will eat everything, we decided I will be in charge of dinner and set aside a serving for her and she will make breakfasts.

Last week we stuck to this plan and it worked great!!!

First, it makes me actually fix the dinner I had planned. This has always been a struggle because I buy ingredients, it doesn’t sound appetizing that night, and I’ll making something different. Something “easier”.

But… my friend is counting on my to make the dinner, so I make sure I do my part.

Also, because my friend is giving me breakfasts, it makes it easier for me that way too. I have breakfasts already preplanned, in my fridge ready to go.

It gives me a sort of accountability that I need to stick to it.

Add that to my sweets, and I’m rolling along pretty good.

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