New Meal Plan

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I was sitting on the couch the other day, and realize how utterly exhausted I was. Absolutely tired.

My 2-year-old’s sleep habits are awful right now. I’m trying to decide if we’re at the point where she doesn’t need a nap (which seems awful and not like my boys, they were 5 before they stopped napping) or if I get more consistent with naptime, then it would all figure itself out. See, she likes to fall asleep in the car and that messes up naptime.

Oh, and it seems the later she goes to bed in the evenings, the earlier she wakes up in the morning. Figure that one out.

Then, when I **finally** get to go to bed, I fall asleep quickly, but wake up a million times a night.

I used to be a stomach sleeper, but when I was pregnant I became a side sleeper. Now when I sleep on my stomach, it kills my back.

I can’t sleep on my back because then I’ll snore and keep my husband up (and that still seems embarrassing).

So now I’m a side sleeper. But if I put my arms any which ways, my hands go to sleep and they start tingling. How do I fix that?

I find it’s best if I sleep with a full-body pillow.

Then…. all this other stuff is going on.

You know, COVID????

Which is mentally draining! I’m worried about how the kids are handling school and are they even having social interaction??

And I worry about them even being liked by other kids. (That’s a whole other conversation for another time.)

And I’m just tired of it all. I want it to go back to normal. I hate the phrase: the new normal.

No! I refuse to believe this is the new normal!

And then, I know that when we are cloudy for days on end, my mood just drops. I get slightly depressive and down.

So, let’s just say, I’m utterly exhausted.

The other things I’ve notice the last several weeks is that my mind is just not crisp anymore. I’ll forget what I walked down the stairs to do. Or I have to work really hard to remember what I flipped to another screen for while working. That’s only a few seconds.

I feel like my brain is just … off.

So I’ve decided I need to do a reset on my body. I mean, a complete 180.

My Background

I’ve probably tried almost every meal plan in the books and I’ve found that I would stick to them for about 3 days, and then binge.

The binging would then lead to not one or two days, but sometimes weeks of binging.

Which means I got no where. And probably made things worse.

To me, it was always about the restriction. In my mind I thought that once I got through a certain phase I could eat “all the things”.

But, I’m not on a weight lost journey, I’m on a health journey. I want to optimize my body so my metabolism is hot and it’s functioning properly. I want to become a long-distance runner and not “bonk” when I’m out running. I want to have more energy and sleep better.

My body is definitely not running optimally.

“Change the Way You Eat”

As I sat there on the couch, I realized what I need to do was change the way I eat. I’m thoroughly convinced that by changing eating habits, it will help a variety of things. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or the likes, though that would be cool.)

I feel like I’ve read enough books and been taught enough things that I have a vast knowledge on nutrition. On of my favorite books was “It Starts With Food”. The science in that book is fascinating.

But after reading it, I realized that so many foods cause inflammation in our bodies which could bring on things like lack of energy, migraines, and could lead to flair-ups in auto-immune diseases. The inflammation is caused by food we don’t know we’re allergic to, or have an intolerance to.

I know that every body’s different, and every body thrives on different macros. And on different foods.

So, I decided to do a reset. I contemplated the Whole30 approach. I have so many processed foods in my diet, that just getting rid of those things would help a lot. But going to the basics, would be a great way to start.


After I read the impact Grains and Dairy have on the body in “It Starts With Food” and reading a lot of research about the Keto meal plan, I’ve decided it’s time to cut the junk, the grains, the dairy, and go to a paleo-style keto.

From what I read, it’ll help my hormones be balance, clear out the brain fog, help my energy and keep my blood sugar levels stable.

Now before you start freaking out about “the fad diet” thing and how it’s not sustainable, this is not my intentions.

I’m going to stick to it a whole 90 days. (eek!) Then I’m going to slowly add back in fruits, dairy, grains, legumes one at a time and see how my body reacts. (A similar process to the Whole30 approach.)

I’m going to watch to see how my blood sugar reacts. How my energy levels are. What about mood swings? And how well am I sleeping at night? How about endurance?

If any of these are affected by a certain food I brought back in, I’m going to clean it out of my diet. I’m trying to focus on health, not just on weight loss.

I know I’m going to get some haters, but, this is just a starting point for me, and maybe it’s also an ending point. I don’t know.

But there’s only one way to find out.