Progress, Not Perfection

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I find that as I try to lose weight, I want myself to be perfect. I feel like if I’m not doing everything perfectly, then I throw in the towel and go completely off the rails.

This mentality has caused me to fail, over and over again.

I mean, really… who is perfect??

Neither you nor I. We are human and can’t expect ourselves to be perfect. So then why do WE (and I say we because I’m not the only one out there that does this) feel like we have to be all or nothing?

It seems quite ridiculous! And all these fitness gurus who preach “perfection is the only way to weight loss” needs to get over themselves. They have never had a day of enjoying food and eating too much in their life!

I think that’s why I have failed, so many times!!!

If I’m not perfect, I’m not going to do it.

So, as I start my journey of developing healthy habits, My mantra I’m going to keep telling myself is:

Progress, Not Perfection

I might have some days that everything will fall into place and other days where nothing seems to go right. Life is unpredictable and I need to work with that unpredictability.

That’s why I’m starting slow.

1-2-or-3 habits at a time. Focus on those. Find ways to incorporate them into my lifestyle. And when I’m comfortable with them, and they’ve become second nature, I will incorporate a few more.

I imagine that some habits will be easier to implement than others.

And because of this, I’m going to focus on each habit for at least 30 days. And then evaluate my progress, and either extend that, or add another one.

What am I focusing on now?

I wrote out my list of habits I want to incorporate, and I’ve already thought of a few more. I just added them to my written list.

And Now I must pick my first 2-3 habits that I want to focus on.

My biggest problem is always eating. It’s my weakness. So I’m going to focus on that.

Here’s my priorities right now:

  • Meal Plan
  • Blogging
  • Sweets

Three completely different things. But I think they’re all a great foundation.

Meal Plan

My first goal is going to be a meal plan. I will lay out, plan and set out a meal plan. If I can stick to the meal plan, I will be golden.

I’m going to start with Clean Simple Eats Fall meal plan and work my way through it. It’s a macro-based meal plan and very balanced.


I will blog 2 times a week.

I want to document my journey. Kinda like a journal. And hope that at some point it might helps someone else make the same changes.

So I know that blogging is going to be a priority.

I think blogging is going to be evolving and changing as I make progress.

However, during my 2 times a week, I’m not really sure what to include. Maybe I need to write about each habit individually and why it’s important.

Or maybe I just need to do an update.

I will do an update every 10 days of my habit, when I’m building and implementing it into my life.

I want to talk about how I’ve been doing, what’s hard or easy about it, how I feel, and if I think there’s an easier way/time/day to do it.


I was listening to a motivational talk and they were talking about how sometimes the choices we make in private, sometimes derail us in our public life.

I am a closet sweet eater.

I will eat them after the kids go to bed.

Or in the after when no one is around.

Especially when my husband is not around.

A soda and a cookie go great together… right???

Well, this talk recommended giving up something I know I should give up, for just 7 days!

So…. Tuesday, November 3rd is my day 1.

My kids think I should’ve given up soda, and they laugh about it. But, I’m starting with sweets.

Just 1 thing at a time.

I think I have a solid plan. Now I just need to make some charts.

Another one of my mantras is going to be: You’ve got this!

And you’ve got this too, if you want to make healthy habits too!