Slow and Steady: 3 Weeks In

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I think about the last couple of weeks at the progress I’ve made. I definitely think I’m implementing some healthy habits.

Though I use the word “habits” loosely.

I’ve thought about the word habits a lot lately. How does a new habit become so ingrained in you, that you have to consciously think to do it another way?

Right now, I’m having to consciously think of these new habits implementing. I mean, I don’t normally eat 2 servings of veggies at breakfast.

I don’t normally refrain from sugar. (This is an addictive habit I’ve been wanting to get rid of for awhile.)

I don’t normally drive by the gas station or Sonic, instead of stopping and getting a soda.

I don’t normally adjust a recipe, focusing more on veggies and protein and less on starchy carbs, when I cook dinner.

And this one, I was completely surprise of, I don’t normally skip my afternoon smoothie. (Every afternoon for the last, who knows how long.)

I usually get hungry throughout the day.. And that’s just not happening right now.

Most of these I still have to consciously make the decision to not do. Or to do.

So when do they start become second nature? When do they become a part of me?

Somebody once told me they had to consciously decide each day that they weren’t going to eat a certain way or have any sweets.

I hope that someday it all becomes easier.

Meal Plan

I think I told you last time that I was following the Clean Simple Eats Fall meal plan. My friend and I were team cooking. She was doing breakfast, and I was doing dinner, and then we were switching.

This week I made a slight adjustment to that meal plan. I’m part of a 6-week challenge at a local gym and the first two weeks had a completely different meal plan.

On Monday, my meals started to consist of meat and veggies: a palm size of protein and two fist-sized veggies per meal. (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!)

Pretty much I’m just adjusting my Clean Simple Eats Meal plan. For Example, I made Thai Spaghetti the other day. I added more cabbage and carrots, then substituted Zucchini noodles for the Spaghetti noodles.

Or last night I made Salsa Chicken Pileup. It usually contains rice and beans. But instead of giving those two me, I gave me extra peppers and onions and a big pile of rice cauliflower. Piled high with salsa chicken, avocado, and sour cream. Delicious!!!

I make it work for my family and I. They get the whole meal, and I adjust it and add more veggies. (So grateful for all these veggie options.)

Following the meal plan is getting easier. I’m actually cooking the meals, using up the food I’ve bought. And my refrigerator is getting emptied with each week. Overall, I feel like this is progress. (I think it helps that someone else is counting on me to make a delicious healthy dinner.


My sweet addiction has seemed to come to a halt… yippee! I think this is thanks to my change of meal plan. As I cut out starchy carbs, I don’t have cravings. Which means I don’t even think about sweets and treats.

My kids are still eating their Halloween candy and ice cream is always at the top of our list for treats at night, but none of those are even tempting.

And, because I’m not indulging in sweets, a couple of things are not happening. First, I don’t have mood swings and highs and lows.

Next, I’m not berating myself and thinking of myself a loser because I “can’t stick to anything”. Which then causes me to fall off the wagon, binge and then feel worse about myself.

All the way around, this is definitely a plus.

I haven’t tempted fate enough to make cookies or some other sweet treat for the family, because those habits are still so ingrained in me that I don’t know that I’ll be able to resist.


Getting back into blogging mode and been kind of hard. I have, however, discovered a few blocks of time where I can dedicate to blogging. When I take Logan to Bujinkan, I sit in the car for an hour twice a week, and when he goes to speech, I sit in the car for 45 minutes once a week. If I make sure and bring my iPad and keyboard, those would be perfect times to sit and blog. (In fact, I’m sitting outside speech right now.)

My next thing is to have a solid plan of what I’m going to do when. If I’m planning to do an weekly update on Friday, my Thursday activities would be perfect for that.

I also want to put in the hundreds of craft projects that I have made, but that have never been typed up. I mean there’s a gazillion pictures on my phone. Those will definitely need to be done on Tuesday and then when I’m done with my fitness blogging on Thursday.

I suspect the craft blogging will take more times, and a heck of a lot more pictures.

I think that’s all for this week.

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