Teacher Appreciation Pencil

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I am so grateful for the teachers that have touched my children’s lives. So much so, that I like to make them something special for teacher appreciation week. My go-to is the Teacher Appreciation Cryaon Letter that I wrote about last week. But my oldest child had the same teacher two years in a row, so I needed something different.

Today is the day for something different. Today we are doing pencils with their names on them so they can hang them on their wall.


  • 1 x 6 Wood Plank
  • Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Spray Polyeurethane

We’re going to start by cutting wood to desire length. I did these 24” with a 6” point, so 30” total.

The boards are cut at an angel at one end to form the point of the pencil.

Next you need to paint the pencil. On the end of the point, do a zig zag so it looks like it’s sharpened. On the straight end you need to make sure to leave room to paint the eraser and metal for the eraser.

After the yellow paint is dry, use sliver paint to paint on the metal eraser holder. I used Premium Metallic by Craftsmart.

And then paint on the eraser. I used Hot Pink by Craftsmart.

Next, paint a little black on the tip for the lead point.

Last, you’re going to add the names. There’s couple of options for this. You can use vinyl, if you have a vinyl cutting machine (or a friend that has one) like a Silouette or a Cricut. You can paint in on by hand. Or you can use stencils. I did these by hand.

When everything is nice and dry, spray it (outside) with the spray polyeurethane.

And now you’re ready to tie a bow on it and let your munchkin give it to 5eir favorite teacher during teacher appreciation week.