Chasing the Sun: The Beginning

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Something has to change.

For the second day in a row I’ve over indulged in sweets in the afternoon and I feel like crap.

I mean, it’s nothing new. It happens all the time.

I can’t seem to stay away from sweets. It’s almost like an addiction.

In fact, I think that might be exactly what it is.

The thought crosses my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it until I put it in my hands.

Of course there’s some days that it doesn’t cross my mind, but when I’m out running errands…. I always seem to know where I can find my favorite treats.

Or my not-so favorite treats. Just something.

But lately, it seems that now its making me sick.

When I put too many carbs and more importantly sugar, it makes me feel sick.

Add that on top of feeling sluggish and run down all-the time, and well….

Something has to change!!

I need to “fix” my eat problems. Change my eating habits. Make some drastic changes.

Heck, I’m only 39. More and more my muscles and joints are aching and I’m too young for that.

I just started running and I want to do that for a long while yet.

But if I’m not fueling my body efficiently, my body isn’t going to last.

Something has to change!

On top of that, I’ve been trying to lose the same weight for a good 15 years. Only to fall-off the wagon before I’ve gained any momentum. And adding a few more pounds with each subsequent pregnancy.

I can feel my hormones are completely out of wack and I’m just so tired. (Of course the excessive heat right now doesn’t help that.)

Plus, my clothes are starting to feel too tight and uncomfortable and I’m starting to huff-and-puff walking up stairs (it seems my heart murmur is starting to show its angry head!).

Somethings has to change!!

I realized that all of these are related.

If I’m not fueling my body properly it’s going to put my hormones out of wack, create dips in my energy, and the weight is just going to keep sitting on me.

My core habits need to change, because I’m on a one-way trip toward type 2 diabetes.

And since I want to live to 108, with many of miles run in between then and now, I won’t get there unless I change.

I just wish everyone didn’t disagree with how to do that. There’s so much information out there, how do you start. How do you get started??

The Bigger Picture

Although I do want to lose weight and I want to fit into all my *much* smaller clothes in my closet, there’s much more to it than that.

I want to eat healthier and enjoy it.

I want to have less mood swings and a more positive attitude.

I want to become less lazy and more active.

I want to feel good instead of being tired and worn out all the time.

I want to become a runner, and tackle some races.

I want to wake up refreshed and happy and ready to start the day.

I want to be an example to my children and teach them the things I’m learning.

The Next Step

I need a drastic overhaul. Changes in food consumption and exercise.

The ultimate goal: Energy and Life!

That’s what I’m looking for and hoping to accomplish as I move forward.

It’s time for me to start energizing my life and start a journey to a more healthier me. A happy, energetic, full-of-life me.

Hopefully I can figure out something that will do that.