Weigh In Wednesday – Week 4

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Confession: I almost did weigh in today. Honestly, the scale still intimidates me.

I’ve spent so much of my life relying on the scale. It effected my moods and how I thought about myself.

Sometimes some small rejoicing steps were made, but more often than not, It brought me down.

You know, the dreaded cycle: Diet, step on the scale, the scale not reflecting the work I put in, getting down, falling off the wagon, then binging…. Only to start it all over again.

Day after day, week after week. Month after month and years after years.

We now are 13 years down the road, and I’m trying a different point, a change of perspective. Hopefully this is the end of the binging and negative self talk.

So when I realized it was Wednesday, I almost skipped it once again.

But I didn’t! I knew I had worked hard for the last two weeks, and I wanted to see how it was going.

So I stepped on the scale and…

172 pounds. That’s 4 1/2 pounds in about 10 days. And, 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Not too bad.

But how do I look at it differently??

Progress, Not Perfection

I’m going to focus on the positive:

Look what I can do! I can stick to a meal plan. I can eat what delicious tasting food. I can make the time for workouts. I can enjoy the healthy food and workouts.

Look at all those. It’s not about the scale anymore, now is it??? It’s about what I have been able to accomplish in the last 4 weeks.

And I’m so excited to see these progress. <sigh!>

It’s a huge relief, because I’ve been worried that I just wasn’t up to. That I just couldn’t do it. (Well… my track record shows that over and over again.)

Feel like a huge weight has come off of my shoulders. <phew!>

So, how do I celebrate???

I’m going to have my friend make me some running shirts. And then I’m going to stuff them in my stocking and give them to myself for Christmas.

First one is going to say: Eat Pray Run Repeat

The Second one I want a silhouette of a woman running, and the words: “Running Brought Me Life” around it.

Have I told you How much I love Running???

I don’t think I have. But I do. But I think that’s another post for another time. (And I need to tell you about the new running program I’m doing.)

New Habits

I think It’s time to add a few more healthy habits.

  • Scriptures
  • Running Conditioning Exercises

First, let’s talk my scriptures. What a blessing it is to read the scriptures daily and apply them to our lives. A way to commune with God and listen to his words. Plus, it seems to make the day go better.

I will commit to having personal scripture study for 15 minutes daily. It will be the first thing I do when Amelia goes to nap. Also, I will commit to reading one chapter with the boys every morning before school, or however much time allows.

Next, my Running Conditioning Exercises. I’m doing this fabulous VERY beginner running program with a coach named Debby Voiles. And part of the “Getting Your Body Ready to Run” instructions, is a series of strength and balancing exercises as well as stretches. Some are daily exercises, some are every other day exercises.

I will commit to doing those daily. I need to make me a chart. Probably one for the rest of the year. And follow it. Maybe I should put that in my new Workout journal. They honestly don’t take more than 15 minutes. I will do them, following the scripture study at nap time.

Well, I’ve kept you enough today. See you soon.

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